Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are at least 8 games I want to get during November, but the most obvious choice would be to purchase The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim since I know its going to last the longest (I'm hoping I can rack up 100+ hours with this like I did with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion).

But which version should I pre-order (release date 11.11.2011)? $62.99
This is the cheapest pre-order available but it doesn't include the strategy guide. Although there is the option of getting this version and buying the strategy guide separately (for around $30). But then that brings this pre-order's price up to around $92.00, which is a few dollars off from one of the other pre-orders which includes the guide anyway. Hmmmm... $108.00
One of the more expensive pre-orders, but it does include the guide and the notebook full of artwork and stuff from the game, which I love. $98.00
I didn't know about this pre-order until today when I looked at the GAME website. This pre-order doesn't have the guide or the notebook but it does include The Infernal City: An Elder Scrolls Novel and the Lord of Souls: An Elder Scrolls Novel. Interesting! $109.00
I like to save money wherever I can when I buy my games, which is why I've been purchasing stuff from lately. But since their version doesn't include the strategy guide, I have to look elsewhere. This JB Hifi pre-order is pretty much what I wanted with the ozgameshop pre-order, except it costs just as much as the EB pre-order but doesn't include the notebook.

So, which pre-order do you think I should go for?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

October Games

I thought I'd just chat a bit about the games I'm currently playing. Video games are a big part of my life, and I play them pretty much every day. So I guess It would make sense to include them in my blog :P

Monster Hunter Tri:
I have a love/hate thing with this game. Its certainly not one of the best games I've played. Its below average really. But MY GOD is it addictive. Which is why I think the Monster Hunter series is so big in Japan. This action RPG focuses mainly on hunting monsters (duh) to complete quests to...hunt more monsters lol I don't really think there is a main objective besides hunting stronger monsters to become powerful enough to take on the Lagiacrus (the creature on the cover). Basically, you mine resources to create healing potions, weapons, armor etc. Complete quests which can be hunting a number of monsters, or a large (boss) monster, capturing a boss monster or gathering resources. Each quest is a part of a star rated Hunt Rank group. So the more stars, the harder the quest. Complete all the quests in say, the 2 star Rank group and you open up Lvl 3 Rank Quests. Completing more quests opens up new areas to visit in which to mine new resources (to create/upgrade new armor, items or weapons), complete quests and new monsters to hunt.

Felyne - Favourite "monsters" in the game. SO CUTE!
The problem is you can get stuck on the boss monster quests if your armor & weapon aren't good enough.Which is what happened to me trying to take on a Barroth. My armor wasn't strong enough (I kept dying - you can only carry a certain number of healing potions) so I had to upgrade it to the best set available at the time (Ludroth Armor). Which required me to mine resources from a boss monster called a Royal Ludroth. Which isn't easy. The hardest thing about this game is fighting the boss monsters. There is a system. Locate monster, throw paintball at it, fight it whilst avoiding attacks/other monsters/healing, chase it as it runs away (hence the paintball so you can see it on the map), hack at it some more, probably chase it again, and then finally kill it to mine for items to use for upgrading armor to take on the next boss monster.

I pretty much just play this game in quick bursts when I've got nothing else to do, or when I don't have time to play for long. Like when I get home and its almost time to start on dinner but not quite enough time to say, watch an episode of whatever it is I'm watching at the time (which is currently Invader Zim, Bleach, and American Dad).

Gears of War 3:
Best thing about game (besides it finally being out) - there are girls! I don't have to be a grunting barrel on legs anymore! lol I kid. I love me some walking barrels. Cole Train, yeah! He makes me laugh :P Matt and I finished the story mode already haha (it felt too short - kind of dissapointing but more on that later). But we can always go back and try to find more collectibles, get more achievements/ribbons etc.

My favourite weapon to use is the Torque Bow. I find it much easier to use than the Longshot for some reason. Then when I'm out of ammo, I just use the Lancer (or Retro Lancer). I hate the Hammerburst. The Boomshot is also pretty fun to use, when you can find it. I suck at throwing grenades, though I think the targeting system plays a part in that.

Besides the story mode, there's also Horde, which is a lot of fun. I like taking on waves of AI enemies with a team. I find it more fun than say, playing Codfish: Black Ops (xD) where you're sort of in a team but not really because you tend to take on separate (player-controlled) enemies. We tried Beast mode but that was actually kind of hard. You get to choose what creature you start off as, then upgrade to stronger creatures the more kills you get. But its really not that easy to get kills. You have to quickly run to where the Stranded are, avoid razor wire and try not to get shot in the face as you try to whack them. I played as a Wretch because they make hilarious noises and run fast/retarded-ly haha But they are really weak, even if they can jump over razor wire. Matt tried a Grunt dude and did better than me since he had a gun. But he still got killed eventually too. Hmmm. We might have to give it another go sometime. Maybe our strategy needs improving?

Now. About that ending.
I don't know if it was just the HUGE gap between 2 and 3, my horrible memory or the fact that the game seemed to end abruptly. But whatever the reason, I wasn't at all impressed by the story (or ending) of GoW3.  After the last boss that didn't really seem like a last boss, Matt and I were just like "Wait...was that it? Maybe there's a clip after the credits?" waitingwaiting "Ok. No. Well, that didn't wrap things up at all". Matt seems to think they rushed the ending and I have to agree. Its like Epic Games was pushed into getting the game out early and just quickly threw together a quick fight and a video clip to finish in time. Since I put up my spoiler warning I'm going to speak freely about what happens in the ending. So, Myrrah comes along with her giant pet bug. Flies around for a bit. You shoot her and then set off the Hammer of Dawn a few times. Bug falls to the ground and squashes her. Marcus chats to his dad. Dad sets off his machine doo-dad that kills Locust and Lambent. Dad dies (though it was obvious what he had done to himself aaaaages ago). Marcus tries to be sad but can't because he's all manly and gruff and stuff. Myrrah crawls out from under her bug, blabs for a bit. Marcus stabs her with a knife. The end. Soooooo, that's it? He stabs her. She's dead. The Lambent and Locust are all dead too thanks to the immulsion bomb or whatever its called. No Gears of War 4 then? Not going to conclude the story properly since 3 reeeeally didn't do a good job of that? Hmmmm. Ok then.

Well, I guess one can hope for an all new story in GoW4, if Epic Games is even going to make a fourth installment. Somehow, I don't think they are and that leaves me feeling rather "meh" about the whole series' conclusion.  As a whole, 3 just didn't feel quite as "epic" as 1 and 2 but I just can't seem to figure out why exactly. I know the ending was disappointing but that doesn't explain why the game as a whole didn't feel the same as the previous two. Maybe it was just that for most of the time in 1 and 2, it was just you and your buddy. Whereas in 3, there are clearly a lot more people around. Also now that I think on it, there weren't that many giant boss fights like the fish thingy in 2 *shrugs* I don't know. I did still have fun playing GoW3, since it is fun to play (and I LOVE co-op games). I just wish the story had been a bit better.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines: 
Ugly clothes!
I'd been meaning to play this for a few years now. Its one of those RPG's I'd heard good things about (story-wise mostly), but never got around to playing. My lovely friend Mr. Chadtastic was kind enough to lend me his copy so I could finally have a crack at it. I don't have much to say at this point, since I've only just started playing. Its not as ugly as I thought it would be haha I chose to play as a Tremere, though I would have been a Ventrue if the idea of throwing up if you drained the blood of hobo's didn't put me off. Best to be able to gain nutrients from hobo's if I needed to replenish my blood pool in a hurry. I still don't though. Drain the blood of innocents, I mean. Tremere are meant to be sort of bad, from what I can gather. The whole blood magic thing. But I didn't want to be bad. I'd rather pay a prostitute to drink her blood (or use blood packs) than just go around jumping people. I'm hoping I can find someone to feed off of without having to pay them though. I wonder if I can have a Ghoul?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Make Believe

After much thought, I have decided to start blogging again. I left LJ for Facebook and Tumblr, as most of my online friends have done. I just wasn't posting much anymore. Though its hard to say why. Maybe I felt like my life just got boring? Maybe I just had more fun putting up links on Facebook, and reblogging random pics on Tumblr? But, I think I miss blogging. So, I've decided to start again, using blogger this time. I'm not sure what my new blog is going to be like, or if I'll even find any time to post anything worthwhile.But I think I needed to start blogging again, if only for myself. I lost my words and I feel blogging will help me get them back. So welcome friends from various online places. These are my thoughts, dreams, tales of my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading about me and my little life.

Last week was kind of crazy. It all started Saturday afternoon. I had a lazy day with Matt, playing Monster Hunter Tri (must get all matching Ludroth armor!) and watching American Dad. He wanted to go to the movies, so I picked Red Dog (so funny but soooo sad! Koko is a beautiful dog). There wasn't really anything else showing that I wanted to see, and I had heard good things about it. We picked a 4:30pm viewing and off we went. The movie wasn't that long, so I didn't get tired afterwards like I usually do. Plus we had friends coming over to stay (The Kirks - Tom, Amanda and Lilly), so we'd have to get home before six. As we got closer to home, I realized something was up. Why were there more cars than there should be parked out the front of our house? Toshio, Kaely and Cliff pulled up as we did. So like, there was a party at my house and I wasn't invited? haha Ok. I got even more confused when I saw the "Happy Birthday" banner on the porch. Tentatively walking in the front door, Amanda jumped out yelling "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and covered me in party popper streamers. 

My birthday is on the 22nd of November.....

I kept trying to tell people, even Lilly who kept bouncing around the front room. She caught me and took me to my room. There were balloons and streamers scattered about the covers. Lilly directed me to a pink bag "PRESENTS!" I'm glad Matt walked in at that point to tell me what was going on. I was worried everyone had somehow mixed up my birthday (embarrassing!). I'd had a conversation with Matt one time about not getting to have a 21st. I was in hospital so nobody planned anything because they didn't know if I'd be out or not. I did have a mini party with just Matt but it wasn't what I imagined my 21st would be like. It didn't really start getting to me until the slew of 21st's I went to this year. Especially Matt's sisters. Her family had gone all out for her...I felt bad that nobody had bothered to do anything for me, not even my own family. Maybe they had plans but I don't know. But I guess it doesn't matter now because I did get to have a 21st, even if it was a few years too late :P

Matt had organized the pretend 21st all by himself (though I'm sure he had help from friends). He had managed to organize the whole thing - decorations and food - all without me ever finding out. Sneaky ;P We did end up arriving a bit too early since our movie didn't go for as long as it should have to allow guests to arrive. But people started showing up moments later, so it wasn't too bad. And so commenced my confusing pretend 21st party full of laughs and hugs and lots of talking about games.

Oh, and presents!
Taken using camera phone. I really need a camera. DONATIONS? ^^;
Zombie Book, Japanese biscuits, bracelet, My Melody notepad and 1000Wii Points from The Kirks. Cotton on Bra-bag and gift voucher from the Farkas' (Tanya & Rob). Bra's & Things gift voucher from the soon-to-be Appleyard family (Mel, Sean & Harrison). Body Shop gift voucher from Kristy & Royce. And the most outrageous gift of all from Adam, $40 EB gift voucher. $40!! $40 THE HELL, ADAM?! You crazy!! ((Thank you to all the AMAZING people who came to my party and got me gifts - so unnecessary but very welcome all the same!))

I was going to do a write up about my annual trip to the Perth Royal Show with The Kirks & Tanya, but there isn't really all that much to say about that. I patted a tiny, little adorable sleeping piglet (OMG!), a sleepy, chubby basset hound and some other animals. Walked around from 10am-5pm (my feet!) looking at all the stuff for sale. Laughing at Lilly's mini tantrums (I can't help it! she's got a cute grumpy face). Watching Tanya & Lilly go on the rides (Matt & I don't like rides). The usual.

Matt also bought me a Korilakkuma.
 I've wanted one since forever! Now I just need a Rilakkuma to match heehee

There you have it. My weekend, and the first entry of my new blog done. Hope you weren't bored :P